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The MeeGo seminar in IRAN September 25, 2010

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Hello World! I’m Majid Ramezanpour and I’m a free software Developer and Advocator.

I started Qt programming a few years ago on Linux but Currently Due to restrictions where I work i’m using Qt on Windows! :p

I’m one of the developers of MDic Dictionary.

I’m a MeeGo fan and sometimes ago I decided to introduce the MeeGo project to Iranian Free Software community.

First, I translated the MeeGo entry on Wikipedia to Farsi/Persian language.

Then, considering the time draw near Software Freedom Day I offered Isfahan LUG to present a seminar about the MeeGo project on SFD.

As every year, last weekend we had a party in IRAN/Isfahan and we talked about free softwares and their advantages. This seminar took place in Isfahan University and we had about 200 participants including students and other LUG members from all around Iran specially Mashhad LUG (I’m a Mashhad LUG member), we also had a guest from The Canonical co. ,MR.Daniel Holbach, who talked about free software and communities.

The last two presentations in this seminar were Qt Development from Mehrdad Momeny and MeeGo project from me (maour).



At first I talked about Maemo and Moblin projects, architecture of MeeGo project and the needs for a new OS for mobile platforms,.

As I expected before, most of questions was about Android including a simple question!! “Why shouldn’t we work on it as a single mobile Linux platform and just use it”!

For answering that question i talked about distinctions between Google and Nokia & Intel and their goals and also the most important part, programming languages support and repositories that we can have.

The whole party was very good and at last I should thanks to all LUGs in IRAN for they supports.